The course «Russian in action» (General)

 This course is intended for individuals who want to manage in most situations of everyday life without having to go through a lengthy learning process. The course focuses on pronunciation and intonation, basic grammar structures and basic vocabulary. The course is absolutely distance. It means that students have the flexibility to complete the course in their own time, whether that will be at home or at office.

 The goal of the course is to introduce students to the Cyrillic alphabet and the main orthoepic and orthographic rules of the Russian language, and develop general and specific skills. In addition to that, the course is designed to help students to acquire socio-cultural and communicative competence at elementary level. Students learn to speak about themselves, their family and surroundings, form and answer simple questions, use the orthoepic rules correctly, establish a contact using adequate forms of politeness.  Students can also present simple information about themselves in written and in oral forms, read different texts, translate such texts and retell their content using uncomplicated speech forms.


The course consists of two parts: phonetic and lexical. In the phonetic part of the course students are offered to get acquainted with the sound system of the Russian language. The lexical part presents various topics related to the standard everyday  situations. In this part you can find different words, phrases, and simple sentence constructions, using which it is possible to find out, to ask, to specify, to make a sentence and to understand a speaker.

Each part contains exercises to develop the skill, at the end of the course you are to pass the final test, which will help you to review the material and test the knowledge gained.




The program covers 36 hours.

 Tuition fee: 6 300 ₽

You will obtain an electronic certificate after completing the course.