The course «Russian in action»

This course is intended for foreign tourists who want to acquire basic knowledge and skills for oral and written communication in Russian. There are two types of training: full-time or part-time.

The main category of listeners – foreign tourists who will arrive in Moscow or St. Petersburg in order to get acquainted with the culture and history of the city, visiting attractions.

The program contains various "cases", by means of which it is possible to recreate real situations during the stay in the city as a tourist: assistance in solving standard everyday situations, establishing and maintaining interpersonal communication, familiarity with local traditions.

The course consists of two parts: phonetic and lexical.

In the phonetic part of the course students are offered to get acquainted with the sound system of the Russian language, learn to read syllables, to acquire the skill of reading and the pronunciation of words. Most words are divided into syllables or transliteration is given to them for the ease.

The lexical part presents various topics related to the situations faced by tourists coming to Russia: from arrival to the airport to the visit of the cultural and historical sites of the city. In this part you can find different words, phrases, and simple sentence constructions, using which it is possible to find out, to ask, to specify and to make a sentence.

Each part contains exercises to develop the skill (for example, to combine sounds and further to read the words that contain them), at the end of the course you are to pass the final test, which will help you to review the material and test the knowledge gained. 




The program covers 16 hours.

 Tuition fee: 6 300 ₽

You will obtain an electronic certificate after completing the course.